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We started organizing this wedding in January 2020 with the couple. I have to say that this has not been an easy period for event organizers with the global pandemic. In Hungary, the rules and travel possibilities changed because of the pandemic, and we did not know what to expect in the next period. We could finally hold the summer wedding in a lovely provincial atmosphere. The couple invited nearly 90 people, and many children were also among the guests. So, the babysitter and children’s corner played an important role at the wedding allowing parents to be able to enjoy the intimate moments undisturbed and enjoy a relaxing dinner with the married couple.

The couple requested the wedding ceremony and the dinner be held at the same venue. The venue whilst beautiful, was open-air making it weather dependent for the whole day. However, we had a ‘plan B’, but the couple insisted on outdoor locations. It is independent of us, the organizers. But in recent years, I have experienced that when I organized an outdoor wedding or event, the heavens have always been with us so far. I hope this will continue to be the case for future weddings. We were lucky it was nice, summery weather and it didn’t rain. Of course, I was calmer not using the ‘plan B’ option. It can be frustrating and often requires firm, responsible decision-making as an organizer, which is not easy as it is the big day for the couple. Finally, the day passed in great happiness. On the day of the wedding, the couple had a creative photoshoot, and then the sun was very nice for the wedding ceremony, and we were able to have a very enjoyable dinner in the courtyard of the villa. Many thanks again to all the service providers who helped with this wonderful & unforgettable wedding.

Photo: Tamás Lékó