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When I think of this couple’s wedding, 100% trust comes to mind. I got a message from the couple in September that they would like to get married in Budapest later that year. I told them that nothing was impossible. Their preference was for the month of December, so we had very little time to organize and put together their Big Day.

Due to the shortness of time, they did not travel to Budapest before the wedding, so they asked me to organize their dream day with 100% trust in me. I think organizing a wedding is a big responsibility and it is very important to build trust from day one. With their complete trust, we organized a 2-day wedding for them in under 3 months. 

On a Friday in December, the cocktail reception was held in a bar in Budapest, where their respective families met for the first time here in Budapest. As an organizer, it is a great honor and pleasure to see family members and friends traveling from another continent for the first time.

The next day, the wedding day, also had a surprise in store for the bride. The groom secretly rented a Lada car for the bride, who was traveling to the Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant with her father to attend the wedding ceremony. By the way, it is common for couples to surprise each other on their wedding day.

The other family members traveled in a limousine on the wedding day. There was much smiling and, joy on the faces of each guest, and I think these are the moments that make an organizer love this work. 

The wedding ceremony was held at the Fisherman’s Bastion, while the memorable wedding reception and party were held in the Aria Hotel Skybar. It was a wonderful winter-style wedding, and the couple were both very grateful for all our efforts in planning such a unique wedding for them.

I hope to meet them both soon.

Photo: Tamás Lékó