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I have been organizing weddings for the last 4 years and business events. I wanted to fill my entire year with events (the wedding season generally runs from May to September). But we have already seen an exception to this when I organized a two days wedding for 2 Americans here in Budapest in December.

In 2019, the founder of Mind Mate Inspiration asked me to organize one of their events. They found me on LinkedIn and sent a message to my event organizer profile. The event went very well, and the client was also satisfied with my work, ideas, and creativity.

After the event, we met again, and he invited us to organize six events in 2020, the first of which was in February, in the Oxygén Wellness Restaurant. Many famous speakers, including Alexandra Béres, attended the event and gave a very exciting presentation on the importance of sport. After the event, we planned the next event together, which already had a theme venue. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we could not continue the event physically.

That’s when the idea came to continue on Youtube. On the one hand, this persists and can later be used to show company leaders about the Mind Mate Inspiration, performers, mentors & topics that the community can talk about. We launched and created the Youtube Channel and topics with the client. In this situation, I could show my organizational skills and additional moderating and project management skills. I enjoyed working on every single youtube show, and I trust the continue, whether online or offline.

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