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It was a dream couple, dream guests, and a dream event. The bride and I found each other in April. The first time she talked about herself and then about her first meeting with the groom, I knew we were going to be able to collaborate, and I would find the wedding place they were dreaming of. After all, it is important that any couple can work well with a wedding planner and have a good time organizing their Big Day. It’s a big task and a big responsibility to find everything (especially the wedding venue for the exact wedding date) that the couple has dreamed of. 

The bride was Hungarian, while the groom lived in America. So for the first time, I met the bride in person and discussed everything needed to make their wedding happen.

The wedding date and venue are the first things on the planner’s task list. 

One of my favorite parts of organizing weddings is searching for and checking venues with the couples. This is always exciting as this is when I get to know the couple better, and we can talk a lot about their wedding ideas.

My other favorite is when we taste the wedding menus or design & plan together the wedding decorations for their Big Day.

However, of course, my favorite is the most beautiful day when all the preparations will take place on the wedding day, and we can see the fruition of all our hard work to create their dream day. I gain the most pleasure from seeing my clients celebrate their Big Day as they had always planned. 

This wedding weekend began in August with a Friday cocktail reception, where the couple’s Hungarian and American families met for the first time in the Skybar room of the Aria Hotel, next to the magnificent Basilica. The following day, the wedding was held in the golden hall of the Szabó Ervin Library, while the reception was hosted in the beautiful Gerbeaud House. Through all of these beautiful locations, we were able to show the guests the diversity and sights of Budapest in full.

It is an unbelievable feeling when, at the end of the event, the couple comes up to you and thanks you for every single minute of their wedding. I love my job for these moments. After that, I was watching on my phone the videos and photos that I took of the wedding day (of course, when I remembered to take them  and had the time). 🙂 I really like working with couples who trust me from the beginning and offer unforgettable words of thanks. They really give me strength to continue.

Photos: Tamás Lékó