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I think my passion for wedding planning was first ignited when I organised Diana & Roma’s wedding. I was asked to organise the wedding of this Ukrainian couple in Budapest who imagined their ceremony at the famous Fisherman’s Bastion, followed by a reception ceremony in the impressive glass hall of the Gerbeaud House. It was a real eye-opener to see how other nationalities celebrate and how much fun they have at an event like this. Uniquely, all the guests were in black dresses except the bridesmaid and, of course, the bride. And the Master of Ceremonies was one of the hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest. I can still remember the wedding to this day as an unforgettable occasion.

They, Diana & Roma, had to organise their small wedding in Budapest in a very short space of time. There were many service providers and many requirements to be organised for the big day, but as we reminisce every year on the anniversary of their wedding, they always write that all their guests, to this day, remember with affecction the wedding we organised for them here in Budapest. I think that’s why I enjoy this profession with all my heart and soul, in the knowledge that we really gave this couple and their guests an unforgettable day to remember forever.

I hope to make many more special days for couples looking to tie the knot.

Photos: Tamás Lékó